10 Songs to Add to Your Recovery Playlist

image of woman recovering from addiction listening to musicWe don’t know about you, but we find music very motivating. When we’re stuck in our head, when we feel sucked into patterns of negative thinking and we need something to pull us out, we turn on music. We put in headphones or Bluetooth a speaker and crank up the volume to at least level eight. Sometimes, when coming out of that murky place and feeling particularly inspired, we even dance a little. Does music motivate you too? Here is a list of 10 motivating songs to turn your day around.

  1. I AM WOMAN was written by Helen Reddy and Ray Burton and performed by Reddy on her debut album I Don’t Know How to Love Him (1971). Written in support of the women’s liberation movement of the 1970s, “I Am Woman” is packed with self-affirmation. Reddy faced many personal challenges in young adulthood, and her fierce determination is evident in her music.


  1. HERE COMES THE SUN, written by George Harrison and performed by The Beatles and included on their album Abbey Road (1969), reminds us that no matter what our hard times, the sun rises with a promise of hope and healing.


  1. UPTOWN FUNK was written by British record producer Mark Ronson features Bruno Mars on Robson’s album Uptown Special (2015).Though the premise of this song has nothing to do with recovery, per se, the song’s heavy base, infectious groove, and thorough sprinkling of positivity and confidence will lift you right up.


  1. BRAVE was written by Sara Bareilles and Jack Antonoff, performed by Sara Bareilles, and included on her album The Blessed Unrest (2013). Speak your truth. “Brave” addresses our fear of speaking our truth. Say what you wanna say and let the words fall out!


  1. STRONGER, written and recorded by Kelly Clarkson for her album Stronger (2011), is an anthem that celebrates our inner ability to overcome adversity and be empowered.


  1. BORN THIS WAY was written and recorded by Lady Gaga for her album Born This Way (2011). Gaga calls this her “freedom song,” proclaiming that we are all beautiful and worthy of respect. She encourages us to not hide who we are, but to embrace and celebrate our own individuality.


  1. ROAR, written by Katy Perry and Bonnie McKee for Perry’s album Prism (2013), is a bold and catchy anthem that challenges us to stand up for ourselves and to claim triumph over whatever seems to try to keep us down.


  1. PERFECT, written by Pink with Max Martin and Shellback and recorded by Pink for her album Greatest Hits…So Far (2010), extends a message against depression, self-harm, and suicide. We should all be accepted for our authentic selves, but it is first we who must acknowledge our own worth. We can overcome!


  1. THE CLIMB was written by Jessi Alexander and Jon Mabe and recorded by Miley Cyrus for the soundtrack for her film, Hannah Montana the Movie (2009). This power ballad reminds us that life can be a very difficult but rewarding journey.


  1. GOOD LIFE, was written and recorded by the members of the band One Republic for their album Waking Up (2009). This song celebrates the things in life that bring us hope. “The hope is we have so much to feel good about” (One Republic). Find your joy!
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