At Haven Hills Recovery, we believe the resources that we provide for our families and alumni, as well as how we effectively and cohesively we work together with other professionals in the community, will greatly increase the outcomes of long-lasting recovery for our clients.


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Family/Loved Ones

At Haven Hills Recovery, we believe that it is imperative to include support individuals in the treatment process to elicit systemic change and decrease risk of relapse. Because of this we require all Haven Hills resident’s to include at least one support individual be involved in our specialized family program. We firmly believe that this decreases the blame and shame often present in the family systems facing recovery. Upon admission, the family will be introduced to the Haven Hill’s family advocate. The family advocate will have a scheduled weekly call to support the family throughout the treatment process. The family advocate will also be available to call directly anytime with questions or concerns. The family will be required to participate in weekly family therapy session(s) with the therapist and a family weekend if appropriate.


Haven Hills Recovery was built as an answer to a need in the recovery community for a treatment center to address the healing of the eating disorders through the lens of trauma, while, in some cases, simultaneously, addressing the addiction issues that sometimes arise. Haven Hills is a labor of love to all those involved in the creation of the program, and addresses the needs of healing the whole person versus only addressing parts of the addiction that are currently the greatest need. We have created something unique where healing and empowerment can simultaneously occur, and realize we cannot do this alone.

We work alongside many professionals in the community, both locally and nationally to create a full continuum of care for each client. We will work with the client’s therapist from admission into Haven Hills and throughout her stay with us. Our goal is to create the smoothest possible transition for the client coming into Haven Hills and during her stay. We welcome your involvement at treatment team meetings either in person or via phone. The Haven Hills team will also stay in communication with you regarding client updates and we will arrange transition sessions prior to discharge. This collaboration allows for a smooth transition for the client and for the therapist to be an integral part of the treatment process.

Haven Hills Recovery – Trauma Informed Care for Women