Depression Treatment Center

San Diego’s premier depression treatment center for women

Depression is a serious mood disorder that affects every part of one’s life. It impairs relationships, academic achievements, career building. As the disorder progresses, it can affect physical health, mental stability, and it can lead to self-harm and suicidal thoughts and attempts. There are several types of depression, and every person’s experience is different. Depression is often partnered with other co-occurring disorders, such as anxiety, eating disorders, trauma, and substance abuse. Some people live with depression for long periods of time. Some of our clients have never had treatment before and others are seeking more support.

At our depression treatment center, our caring, professional staff get to know each person through thorough assessment and evaluation. We do not depend on the simple diagnosis of depression to guide a course of treatment. Together, with the client, our clinicians create a plan for care unique to each person’s needs. The foundation of our care is compassionate, individualized treatment, tending to every aspect of a client’s needs for recovery and overall wellbeing. Treatment for depression may include evidence-based clinical therapies and, if appropriate, medication management. We treat the whole person, so care also includes physical and psychiatric assessments and treatment, when appropriate, nutritional assessment and dietary supervision, exercise, and holistic therapies.

Recovery from depression takes time and effort. Looking at root causes, which may be emotional, physical, or based in trauma or other co-occurring issues, is imperative for recovery success. In our home-like setting, Haven Hills Recovery’s compassionate staff provide the support our clients need to find their path to wellness. A healthy, joyful life is possible.

You do not have to walk this journey alone. Whether you are looking for IOP or PHP, would be honored to come alongside you as you take your next steps toward healing and recovery. Please give us a call. We are here to help.

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