How to Have the Perfect Mental Health Day

Woman's mental health day outdoors

As the year comes to an end, leave behind stresses of the past and take a day to unwind, reset, and get ready for a brand new year. A mental health day is perfect for connecting with what you truly want and need, rather than focusing on the things you have to do.

How often you take a mental health day depends on you. Feeling stressed, exhausted, and overwhelmed are telltale signs that you are in need of a mental health day. Take it in the middle of your schedule to give you a break from the routine or plan ahead of time so you have something to look forward to. If you can’t afford to take a full day off from from work, then consider a half day or dedicate one of your regular off days for therapeutic mental health activities that you need.

Mental health day ideas


Plan a day of calm, healthy activities that will leave you fulfilled and ready to get back to your normal routine tomorrow. Start your day before you even wake up by getting a full night of sleep and then enjoy a healthy homemade breakfast. Work in some movement, during a walk in nature for blood circulation and to clear your mind. Plan things to do on your mental health day that create space in your life both physically and emotionally. Declutter your living spaces, meditate, journal, and plan how you want your next few days or weeks to play out. Enjoy the day by doing the things that will bring you joy today and moving forward.


Turn off your cell phone and don’t open your computer because today is all about relaxing. Start your relaxing morning  by kicking up your feet with a book and a good cup of coffee. Get ready for the day by taking an extra long shower or bath with music and aromatherapy and then lounge in a plush robe and slippers rather than rushing to dress and take off for the day. Later, move relaxation outside with a blanket in the park, soaking up sun rays. If it’s a colder day then book a massage and treat yourself to ultimate relaxation. There is no wrong way to relax, so think about what sounds good to you and pursue it.


If the lack of enjoyment in your life is what’s bringing you down then make time for those fun mental health day activities you’ve been wanting to do. Do things that bring a smile to your face, just because. Create art, play a game, watch a show, do something fun you typically can’t because it conflicts with your normal schedule. If you’ll have more fun with a friend the invite someone alone. Yes, this is your mental health day, but whatever is going to bring you joy is what you should do.

Spend time in nature

Go for a nature walk, a stroll by the river or mountain hike. The fresh air, tranquil environment and change of scenery is cleansing to the soul. The peace and quiet will be a refreshing switch up from the noise that can feel overwhelming day in and day out. If hiking isn’t your thing then find a beach, a meadow, or even a city park to just sit for a while.

Change of scenery

Some days, to clear your head, you physically need to leave the place that has you flustered. Chose a nearby destination that you’ve been wanting to explore and take a full day to get out and enjoy it. Make a list of a restaurants, points of interest, and attractions you want to visit while there so when you arrive you can see and do everything you wanted.

Get things done

If having too much to do and not enough time to do it is what’s stressing you out, then take the day to cross things off your to-do list. Spring cleaning, shopping, errands, chores, and everything in between can mount up and feel daunting. When you have a full day dedicated to those activities you will end the day feeling accomplished and prepared for what tomorrow brings.

With an array of options for a mental health day, stop making excuses and do something good for yourself today. If you find yourself in need of more than a single day’s break and want professional help to get through a tough time, call us. We are here to help.

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