Individuals with an eating disorder complicated by trauma and PTSD require treatment for both conditions using a trauma-informed, integrated approach (Brewerton, 2004; Brewerton, 2007; SAMHSA, 2014). If the trauma is not addressed during the treatment of an eating disorder, then it is likely that successful recovery will be thwarted. The specialized team at Haven Hills is committed to addressing the unique needs of women that have endured any sort of trauma, recognizing the significant correlation between disordered eating, substance misuse, and traumatic life events. While all of our clients will present to treatment with an eating disorder of some form, our intention to address not only the eating and substance issues, but also the underlying trauma as a primary factor, makes us a unique treatment option.

Our integrated, individualized and compassionate approach to treating the co-occurrence of trauma and other related issues provides women a guided opportunity to restore their physical, social and emotional well-being. We believe that each woman who comes to us deserves the support of a warm and caring professional staff and specialized treatment team as she explores the traumatic experiences that have brought her to us. Individualized treatment and group sessions incorporate therapies and holistic methods designed to gently restore each woman’s sense of self while nurturing her toward a path of hope, healing and long-term recovery.
Our goal is to create a personalized approach to recovery from addiction and trauma for each woman, based on her own goals, values and situation.

Haven Hills Recovery – Trauma Informed Care for Women