Treatment for ED/Addiction – The Best Gift

Why seeking treatment is the best gift you can give yourself and your family

image of woman giving herself the gift of recovery from eating disorder

The holiday season is in full bloom and, while some are walking the malls buying gifts, others are doing all they can just to keep putting one foot in front of the other. For those struggling with an eating disorder or substance addiction, the holiday season is not merry, nor bright. For them, the holiday parties and traditions are loaded with difficult, sometimes overwhelming, triggers. Almost every celebration gathering centers around food, alcohol, gift-giving, or all three. For someone struggling with an eating disorder or addiction, very little about the holiday season is appealing.

Are you struggling with substance addiction or an eating disorder, or both? Have you found yourself making promises to yourself (or others) that, attending this or that party, you’re going to do better? Are you feeling stressed or afraid of the next couple weeks? How is your internal dialogue?

  • I won’t drink at all this time.
  • I’ll only have one drink.
  • I’ll only drink beer.
  • I can drink, but no drugs this time.
  • I’ll only eat dinner, no dessert.
  • I’ll eat a balanced dinner, even if it doesn’t feel good.
  • I won’t eat anything with sugar, but everything else is okay.
  • I’ll go straight home after the party. I won’t go to the party after the party.
  • I won’t go get take-out afterwards, not even if the ham is dry.
  • I’ll keep in whatever I eat – no throwing up this time.

Have you made these plans before? How did it go? Have you struggled at gatherings in the past? Are you afraid that you’ll let people down? Maybe you feel like you already have.

How can you ever repay kindness, patience, and love? What can you give them or do to show them that you love them in return? What gift can you give to your loved ones and to yourself that means more than anything else?

You can tackle your fear. You can learn to live and thrive and be well. You can recover. Seeking treatment, receiving treatment, and completing treatment – this is the best gift you can give yourself and your family right now. Who is the person at the forefront of your thoughts right now – one of the people that you love most and they love you too. Are they concerned about you? Afraid for you? Upset with you? What does that person want most, really? They want you to be well. It’s time to get help.

Here are just some of the gifts of getting help:

  • Break the cycle of compulsivity
  • Get to know yourself and your addiction/disorder and tools to recovery from it
  • Tackle underlying issues that contribute to your struggle
  • Heal emotional pain
  • Regain physical health
  • Gain objectivity and tools to move forward
  • Build new, positive habits and routines
  • Establish healthy boundaries and heal broken relationships

This holiday season, give the best gift to yourself and to those who love you. Give yourself the gift of recovery. Make more than a new year’s resolution this time. Call Haven Hills Recovery and speak with our compassionate, professional staff. Let us get to know you and create a treatment program to meet your needs. Rather than promises and resolutions, give yourself and your family the best gift – HOPE.

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